The Dutyfree operates 5 stores at the Leifur Eiriksson Air Terminal 1) Departure Store main building 2) Victoria's Secret 3) Iceland Dutyfree 4) Dutyfree outside the Schengen area and 5) Arrival Store.

All the stores are OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY. The product selection is very good, you can buy cosmetics, alcohol, confectionery, tobacco, toys and clothing.


Departure Dutyfree main building
Cosmetics & sweets departments Phone: (+354) 425 0403
Pharmacy & liquors departments Phone: (+354) 425 0404



Departure Dutyfree south building

Iceland Dutyfree Phone: (+354) 425 0430
Ground floor, outside the Schengen area Phone: (+354) 425 0424


Arrival store

Store Phone: (+354) 425 0401
Liquors & sweets departments Phone: (+354) 425 0420


The arrival Dutyfree is located right next to baggage claim,  it has it all, everything from confectionery, tobacco, alcohol and toys, to a wide selection of cosmetics.

OPENING HOURS: The Dutyfree stores are always open if there is a flight either departing or arriving

Office Phone: (+354) 425 0410

Since all items are tax- and duty-free, shopping while waiting for your flight is simple, fun and easy on the wallet. So fill those bags.