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Katla Vodki 40% 1L

3.499 ISK

Prepare for a journey. Explore and discover Katla, the real Icelandic Premium Vodka, named after the mother of all volcano’s. Katla is a pure and crystal clear experience, A perfection created by 64° Reykjavik Distillery, Icelands only micro-distillery.


Duty Free allowance: 4 units

Jan 13, 2019


wow. I bought a few airline sized bottles of vodka while in Iceland.. just to sample. Unhappy that I didn't buy a couple liters at the duty free. A great vodka.. smooth and tasty.

Jul 30, 2018


Friend went on a trip to Iceland and brought back one bottle. It was the best vodka I have ever tried.

Apr 14, 2018


Icelandic vodka in general is some of the best I’ve ever tried

Jul 19, 2017


Delicious with hints of vanilla and a smooth finish. I loved it!

Jul 10, 2017


The smoothest vodka I've ever tasted. I bought a bottle for a friend, and really wish I'd gotten one for myself as well!

Apr 22, 2017


Truly the best vodka I have ever had. I was in Iceland a few months ago, and one evening, we stopped off at local pub near Hallgrimskirkja. When I inquired about any locally produced spirits, the waitress recommended Katla Vodka and explained that it is named after the volcano, distilled in Iceland, and uses glaciar water in the production process. I ordered a shot, and immediately I was sold on Katla Vodka. I purchased a liter at the duty free when I was leaving, but I was so sad that I cannot find it anywhere in the US. The next time I travel to Europe, I am definitely planning a layover in Iceland so I can buy another bottle. This vodka is extremely unique and delicious. It is very smooth compared to any other vodkas I have tried, and it has a very peculiar sweet undertone to it. In a side-by-side blind taste test versus Grey Goose, everyone who I asked could tell a difference between Katla and Grey Goose, and all of them said they preferred Katla. All in all, this is vodka is worthy of 5/5.

Aug 18, 2016


So now I'm depressed thought I could get this here in DC USA. Holding onto my shot coz I like this more than Grey Goose & that's a miracle!!!! Go Iceland

Jul 13, 2016

Hazel McGuire

Undoubtedly the best vodka I've tasted. When can we get it in the UK?

Apr 2, 2016


Wish it is available in The Netherlands!

Nov 10, 2015


I agree with Joe, the best Vodka I have tasted, think i am having to go back to Keflavik Airport to get some more !!!!

May 13, 2015


I'm missing Katla here in Germany

Jan 31, 2015


Best vodka I have ever tasted wish it was available in the UK

May 28, 2014


This is the best Vodka I have every had. Award-winning! Wish I could find it in the USA.

Jul 21, 2013


Prepare for a journey to mediocrity

6 fyrir 5

Reyka Vodka 40% 5cl

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