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DutyFree Express


Departing passengers can now conveniently order any merchandise we offer on-line from our website and it will be waiting for you in our Duty Free Store Departure Store. You only need to place your order 24 hours prior to pick-up and can pay for it when you collect.

Please note! Due to new laws in Iceland our Express Ordering Service is no longer available in the Arrival Store. This law took effect May 1st 2016.


You simply pick the merchandise you wish to purchase on the website and place it in the on-line shopping cart by pressing the “order“ button adjacent to each product in question. When you are satisfied and ready to place the order with us the next step is to review the products you have placed in the shopping cart. Here you will see a list of the items you wish to order and at this point you can either finalize the order by confirming it, or you can continue shopping should you like to do so.

Please note! You need to order products one day in advance & no longer than two weeks in advance


When you have chosen the Departure Store to pick up your merchandise it is necessary to fill in all the relevant information required to complete your personal order. This is needed in order to ensure that the order is correct.

Note you can review and change your order on the right side of the screen before the order is sent.

When you have completed filling in the requested information on the ordering form you simply press the “place order“ button.

We have now received your order and a confirmation & order number will be sent to you via email.

Order number

When picking up the merchandise at the Duty Free Store it is IMPERATIVE that you produce the order number you received when you confirmed your order. You will have received the order number in one or more ways:

  1. By E-mail hard copy, in which case you simply show the store employee at the Duty Free DEPARTURE Store your print-out of the message and the order number;
  2. By E-mail on your smartphone, in which case you show the Duty Free Store employee your smartphone screen with the relevant message;
  3. By SMS message on your mobile/cell phone, i.e. if you opted to receive the order number via SMS message on the Duty Free Store web page.

In the event that you do not receive order confirmation by email please contact us by telephone at +354-425-0410 during office hours or +354-425-0414 during other hours or you can send us an email at dutyfree@dutyfree.is

Please note that prices always apply to the date of the order.