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Rabarbaralíkjör 21% 2cl

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Rabarbara |

This Icelandic rhubarb liqueur is beyond compare when it comes to preserving the natural flavour of a freshly foraged summer-rhubarb.  

Product description: With the first harvest of rhubarb, spring is truly under way. The glossy crimson stalks of this perennial plant are as distinct in their appearance as they are in taste - their unique flavor and delightful tartness as welcome in pies and jams as it is in cakes and on dinner plates.

With its rich mineral content, bright color and delicious taste, it’s easy to see why rhubarb is part of every Icelander’s store cupboard. In simpler times, a tender stick of rhubarb was a common sweet for the children of Iceland - pilfered from a neighbor’s garden and dipped in sugar with every bite. 64° Reykjavik Distillery’s rhubarb liqueur captures the freshness and purity of Icelandic nature and offers a new way to enjoy a distinct and much-loved flavor. Indulge in tradition and reawaken your sweet tooth with this twist on a classic.

source: www.reykjavikdistillery.is

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