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Beefeater 47% 1 l.

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Beefeater gin is a born and bred Londoner.

Every drop of Beefeater London Dry Gin is still made in the heart of London at the Kennington Distillery.

The original recipe devised by James Burrough has stood the test of time and Beefeater has become the most awarded gin for the last 10 years.

The unique Beefeater recipe has changed little since the days of James Burrough. Beefeater’s crisp, clean, well balanced flavour is still derived from 100% natural ingredients, known as the botanicals, which are brought to the London Distillery from all over the world. The principal botanicals in Beefeater Gin are juniper, coriander and citrus peels, which provide the freshness and lift. The other botanicals (almond, angelica root, angelica seed, liquorice, Seville orange peel & orris root) in the recipe add complexity and depth.

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