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Fjallagrasa snafs Miniature 38% 5cl

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FJALLAGRASA ICELANDIC SCHNAPPS is a true Viking drink. A powerful drink made from alcohol concentrates of Iceland moss, harvested from the highlands of Iceland. An indispensable drink at all major celebrations. A unique schnapps tasting purely of Iceland.

The raw material in the FJALLAGRASA ICELANDIC SCHNAPPS from Iceherbs hf. is Iceland moss that is hand-picked in the mountains and wilderness of Iceland. Ground Iceland moss is steeped for a long time in a specially prepared alcohol blend that dissolves and draws out the biologically active compounds from the lichens and provides the unique colour and flavour of the drink. No artificial colouring or flavouring is added. FJALLAGRASA ICELANDIC SCHNAPPS, therefore, is a unique natural product

In order to increase the efficacy of the Iceland moss in the FJALLAGRASA ICELANDIC SCHNAPPS, the 350 ml and 700 ml glass bottles contain whole lichens. The lichens further improve the efficacy as well as being decorative and underlining the bitter Iceland moss flavour.


Water, alcohol, dissolved Iceland moss.

source: www.fjallagros.is/en

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