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Einiberja Gin 43% 20 cl.

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Einiberja Gin |

Product description: Einiberja is the oldest Icelandic distilled gin. A Unique selection of pure junipers, nothing else! Einiberja gin is distilled by 64°Reykjavik Distillery, the original Icelandic distillery. Einiberjra gin is appreciated by advanced gin enthusiasts and nerds.   

As Iceland’s only native evergreen tree, juniper is well adapted to the harsh natural environment, growing low and shrub-like as arctic winds whip across the lava fields. Even if weather conditions happen to be favorable, juniper berries can take up to two years to ripen - so with this in mind, 64° Reykjavik Distillery celebrate the hardy character of juniper with its own spirit. Gin normally muddied by other flavors they decided to let the pure flavor of juniper flourish as reward for all of its hard work.

64° Reykjavik Distillery Juniper gin is produced in limited quantities, and each bottle is labelled with the year, the distillation, and the bottle number. You can treat Juniper gin like any regular gin and mix with something good and clean or enjoy its elegant simplicity neat.


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