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Natural Skin Renewal Gjafasett

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Moisturiser | Cream | Headband

Product description: DrBRAGI Age Management Moisturiser combines a unique, super active marine enzyme with the added hydrating and plumping abilities of hyaluronic acid. This versatile facial moisturiser helps to reduce the signs of ageing by fighting the effects of environmental stress, minimising the breakdown of collagen and supporting optimal skin cell functioning.  This powerful hydration gel was selected best hydration product on the market by Natural Beauty Awards in 2021.

DrBRAGI Bio Marine Exfoliant acts in a similar way to microdermabrasion by targeting stubborn, congested areas of dead and damaged surface skin cells and excess oil (sebum), stimulating cellular renewal, whilst clearing and minimising pores. The minute particles gently exfoliate the epidermis making the skin more receptive to treatments and enhancing the performance of the DrBRAGI Age Management Moisturiser.

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