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Bowmore 15YO 43% 1L


Bowmore’s 15 years old marriage of 1st fill bourbon casks and hogsheads has a refreshing, inspired and uplifting character. Harmonised through maturation, let its layers of perfect silk citrus and salty-sweet vanilla glide over the palate, finishing with peat smoke, sweet almond and lemon.

Open the door to a story of deeper character.

Nose: Breathe in Sicilian golden desserts with honey, Amalfi lemon and sweet tobacco leaf.

Palate: Sip silk citrus, salty-sweet vanilla & honeycomb.

Finish: Savour peat smoke, sweet almond & lingering lemon.

Superbly balanced with tropical fruits, vanilla cream, peat   smoke and a hint of salt.
Superb complexity
Exclusive to travel retail

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